We are a fully insured, licensed residential and commercial disposal/clean out service company. We remove items you no longer want or need from your: home, garage, apartment, estate or business with our convenient hauling service. We can remove one item to multiple truckloads and will do light demolition. Call us to discuss our affordable prices.

Clean out and junk removal:

  • House
  • Attic
  • Yard
  • Garage
  • Estate
  • Basements
  • Hoarder
  • Junk removal


We price our jobs based on the size of the job along with the volume, weight and nature of items we remove for you. An estimate can be provided; however, without seeing what is involved in the clean out we would be unable to provide a fair price for this service over the phone.

Each disposal job is unique; depending on the size of the job and the materials we are removing and hauling away for you will depend on how we charge for our services.

Hazardous materials such as: TV’s and electronics, paint, asbestos, oil tanks, chemicals, solvents, oils, toxic medical, infectious or flammable.

* With prior authorization TV’s and electronics, tires, batteries, appliances with refrigerants e.g. refrigerators, air conditioners, and dehumidifiers can be disposed of and will be done properly for an additional fee.

Our trucks are not licensed to haul hazardous materials.

Yes, you will need to make an appointment for our services.

Yes, in most cases, we can provide same day service depending on your location and availability of our crew. Please call to check availability and schedule an appointment.

Customers should be on site when we arrive. If we have had an appointment with you and discussed ‘on site’ the items we will be required to remove from the premises there is no need for anyone to be on site other than to make sure the location is open for us to remove the unwanted items.

If we have not had an appointment to go over the removal of unwanted items we require someone be there who is knowledgeable of the items to be removed to ensure we are removing only the unwanted items. This person will also be required to make payment to the driver.

Yes if necessary special arrangements can be made to provide our services after our normal business hours. If you are unable to schedule a mutually convenient time with us during our normal business hours additional charges may apply.

What we do with your unwanted items depends on what type of items we have cleaned out for you. Some items will be taken to a transfer station or directly to the dump, other items may be recycled.